Exploring the Flipped Classroom

Technology is changing our world and we must change with it.  This article from www.TechLearning.com offers 11 reasons why schools should adopt a flipped classroom model and 5 reasons to proceed with caution.

As GRISD moves forward with our 1:1 laptop program, a flipped classroom is definitely worth exploring!

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Klein – Power On Texas

Interesting 5 pages about how Klein moved to a 1:1 initiative.  http://www.powerontexas.com/?page_id=2406

On the lesson plan page the video shows a great use of tablets in the classroom.  http://www.powerontexas.com/?page_id=2414

Some information that I found interesting:

  • Teachers received devices one year before students and started “extensive” professional development
  • Each campus with 1:1 has technical and instructional support on campus
  • They started the 1:1 in 2006
  • They have had TAKS increase in schools with 1:1
  • All Teachers and Administrators Mastered the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) Technology Skills for All Beginning teachers

They are doing a tour this month!  http://www.nsba.org/tlnsitevisits/klein.htm


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Schools Replacing Textbooks with Laptops

Schools are moving more towards laptops in the classroom in lieu of traditional textbooks.  Mr. Rotan came across this article while in New York recently.  What do you think about this trend?

Out With Textbooks, In With Laptops for an Indiana School District

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Stone-ware : moving to the cloud

 Here is an introduction to our new cloud environment:

This video shows what it is like on the iPad using their app:

What these videos don’t share is that this software offers so much more as a part of the environment.  You can have forums, blogs, polling, and team/collaborative pages.  A push console will send events out to users which will start apps, send messages, open web sites, and more.  So, I sent out an assignment to my group, 1st period English, and they have the website I want them to read open when they login. 

What an exciting time to be looking at the best technology for our students!

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New GRISD Website

This week I was trained on the new website we will be rolling out sometime in the future.  The software is designed to help develop online communities.  You can post classroom assignments, send out messages, send announcements , news posts can auto post to the district site from the campus site, use calendars that both push up and down information, have permission controlled content, and post photo albums!  It is going to be great! 

Look for it coming soon!

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Many of the committee members and others got a chance to attend/view a blackboard demo.  Blackboard is one way to organize information and disseminate that information out to groups (students/classes) of people.  It also allows collaboration between those groups in a safe environment.  Many colleges use Blackboard software. 

Here are some YouTube videos that show Blackboard.
http://youtu.be/sCxeSSHRyKs (1st grader showing how they use)
http://youtu.be/jHUWYusm0rU (overview given by college professor)

The demo is recorded if you are interested in watching it.  It is long and the audio is not very good!

Blackboard also has an app for mobile devices.  It looks very good on the app!

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‘Flipped’ classrooms take advantage of technology


This is an article that Mr. Rotan shared with us. 

GRISD teachers were  introduced to the idea of “flipping” the classroom this summer during the “Podcasting/Recording your Lessons” workshops.  Here is the post used to share information. 


The post has a couple of good videos introducing flipping.  It also has some examples of content already created.  With curriculum coming out like Cinch Science, flipping the classroom becomes even easier. 

The first link on the blog is a running conversation that went on during 2 different mini-sessions. 


It is an interesting read to see GRISD teacher’s first impressions. 

Mrs. Cates has been using some of the ideas in flipping with her classes.  She has been taking what I would call a blended approach.  She has shared with me how time consuming it has been on her.  If Mrs. Cates says it is time consuming, then it must really be taking a lot of time.  I feel like this should be considered by administration as we encourage our teachers to move more and more into a digital world.  Until you get use to managing media and technology it will be harder on the classroom teachers!  Mrs. Cates says it is worth it. 



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Taylor High School Laptops


This is a repost of an email sent by Mr. Rotan.

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Amazon Fire

This is a repost of a site sent by Ms. Habluetzel.
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Irving ISD Technology Integration


Lots of good information.

A repost of information sent from Mr. Rotan.

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