‘Flipped’ classrooms take advantage of technology


This is an article that Mr. Rotan shared with us. 

GRISD teachers were  introduced to the idea of “flipping” the classroom this summer during the “Podcasting/Recording your Lessons” workshops.  Here is the post used to share information. 


The post has a couple of good videos introducing flipping.  It also has some examples of content already created.  With curriculum coming out like Cinch Science, flipping the classroom becomes even easier. 

The first link on the blog is a running conversation that went on during 2 different mini-sessions. 


It is an interesting read to see GRISD teacher’s first impressions. 

Mrs. Cates has been using some of the ideas in flipping with her classes.  She has been taking what I would call a blended approach.  She has shared with me how time consuming it has been on her.  If Mrs. Cates says it is time consuming, then it must really be taking a lot of time.  I feel like this should be considered by administration as we encourage our teachers to move more and more into a digital world.  Until you get use to managing media and technology it will be harder on the classroom teachers!  Mrs. Cates says it is worth it. 



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