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Jayden’s Blog-6th Grade Perspective Paintings

The 6th graders have just learned how to show more depth in their artwork by using a technique called 1Point Perspective. They went to the computer lab and made some nice paintings using Paint Shop Pro. The straight line tool on the computer makes it easier. Some even put photos of themselves in their picture. Check them out.

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Jayden’s Blog-More on the Amon Carter

Here are some pictures of students on the field trip and some magnificent pieces of art. What do you like about these pieces of art? What is it that makes them so good to you??

Jayden’s Blog-The Field Trip


Last week, all art students in 6th grade went to the Amon Carter Art Museum. We saw different varieties of artwork. I’m sure everyone had an awesome time! This question is for the 6th graders. What was your favorite piece of artwork at the Amon Carter Art Museum and why?? Who created it? ( You can go to and click on “works of art” if you don’t remember the title or artist’s name.) My favorite was “Attention Company” by William Harnett!  The painting was so detailed. I think that the artist did great on the expression of the little boy. The crinkles in the newspaper hat, and the creases in the coat are so detailed!

Jayden’s 4th Blog-Another Contest!

Hey!! It’s Blog Boy agian! That last contest took a long time for ya’ll! Bailey finally got the correct answer and has recieved her prize.  Here is another contest for you guys! Now, I’m not going to give ya’ll very much information! If I do that, everybody will get the answer quickly! Here’s something to get your brain going!! Who can guess the paintings name, and the artist who painted it? Here’s the information. This artist is a western painter, and was born in Texas. Now, who can get the answer? Good Luck!!