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Piensa Quien Es? by Martin D.

Hey it’s Martin I found this picture of an artist on the Internet and wanted to see if anybody could find out who he is? He is a famous Mexican artist and painted a lot of Mexican paintings! He is one of the most famous Mexican artist to be correct. So I hope everybody tries to participate and good luck.

Where is St Basil’s Cathedral? By: Nicole J.:))

This art painting is by Sherry Miller. This is a painting of the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral. Do you know where it is located?  Find the answer and post it on the blog.                                                                             –Nicole




☺Who Did This Drawing? Megan A. ☺

   The first person to guess who drew this picture can come to me, Megan. A., to get their prize. The prize is going to be a bag of Jolly Ranchers. So if you want a bag of Jolly Ranchers then hurry up and find the name of the picture!                    ☺GOOD LUCK! ☺


Jed B.


Ok here’s what you are going to do. First, print this lion, then try to draw the other half of the picture. We will try to have a different winner every week and a new picture. Except, they will get harder. So come on and try to draw the lion. Once you have finished the drawing, give it to Mr. Payne or myself, Jed B.





Why Is The Scream Screaming??- By Carol D.

Why did Edvard Munch paint this, why did he make The Scream screaming? If you can find the answer you will win a prize.

Which Paintings Do Not Belong? By: Hunter Williams

Which paintings are not by Vincent Van Gogh??

I Spy an Artist- by Weston Clifton

 Ok JH here is what ya’ll have to do: print the picture out then try and find these people in the picture .Below you will see who you have to find;

Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Charles Demuth, James whistler, Frederick Walker, James Ensor, Pierre Bonnard, Daniel Buren, Raoul Dufy, Edgar Degas, Carl Larsson, and Willard Metcalf.

You have to circle all of the people that are listed, and then turn it in to me, Weston.

If you find them all you will win a prize!

Who am I? By: Colton B.

Who am I? I was a painter, a sculptor, and an engineer. I painted two very famous paintings The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. I lived from April 15, 1452-May 2; 1519.They also said I drove my teachers crazy with all my questions.

Molly M. Art Blog! :D

Spring is soon approaching ,here are some fun games and art pieces that have to do with spring .There is a Half Face, and Paper Flowers.

*Paper flowers- Is a project that you can do for fun or gifts- if you want you can take a picture of your flowers and e-mail them to Mr. Payne. this is the link to get directions on how to make the paper flowers.

*Half Face- A picture of a half of a face of a famous painting, I want you to tell me the title and artists of the half face. *prize will be awarded*Have Fun! Good Luck!




Show Some Tiger Spirit Spirit – by Colten R.

I am making a blog too see who can create a really good art picture. You have to draw a picture that shows tiger spirit in a really neat or an unusual way

 Rule 1- The subject matter has to be appropriate for Junior High age.

Rule 2- No copying or pasting stuff from the internet to the picture.
Rule 3- It can be done on the computer or on drawing paper and the picture can also be painted.

Rule 4- If you don’t follow the rules you will be disqualified. If you do follow these instructions, and it is good and neat you will give it too me, Colten R. We’ll try to put it on the blog.


Calista’s Art Blog!

Heyy yall lately the computer art class is posting some cool art blogs, and I’ve been thinking about how to make the art blog a little interesting and I think I’ve got an idea but I need your help! I posted parts of pictures and I want you to post a comment telling me what you think the name of the painting is. :D   Try and guess the name of these 3paintings!

Dylan W’s Surreal and Strange Artist

Hey what’s up everybody!!!  I found this picture on the internet one day and thought it was very strange. So I wanted to see if anybody could see why he painted the picture the way he did. The artist that painted this is Rene Magritte. Rene was a Surreal Artist and was a pretty popular artist along time ago. Surreal means that he has a dream like quality or his paintings do. He always described his paintings as visible images that conceal nothing (surrealism). OHHHH!!!!! Yah I almost forgot. The name of the painting is Son of Man. So I hope everybody tries to participate. All you have to do is see and tell why he painted it like this. Also you can tell me what he said about it. Whoever tells me the correct answer first will receive a prize.

Mondrian Paintings-Landry :))


Hey ladies and gentleman. :]] I have recently discovered a new website. It involves a type of art created on the computer that I have never heard of before. The website is called . It is called a Mondrimat and was made by Piet Mondrian. He was a Dutch Abstract painter for the first half of the twentieth century. You pretty much just make squares and rectangles and color them in. It seems silly, but it turns out looking really cool. The instructions are on the page, but I will go ahead and tell you how to do it anyways. To make more blocks, you click on the right 1/3 of a color block to split it across. Click on the lower 1/3 of a block to split it up & down. Click anywhere else in a block to change its color. Drag the frame dividers to resize blocks. If you get confused, keep trying, you will get the hang of it. I inserted an example. {[See below]} And there is another one on the website. Please give me comments and tell me what you think! :]] Also, if you can, print out your artwork and give it to Mr. Payne or myself. At the end of the week, I will show your artwork to the computer art class and we will judge them. Have a great day! :]


Everything in his life was reasoned or calculated. He was a compulsive neurotic and could never bear to see anything disordered or untidy. He seemed to suffer acutely, for instance, if a table had not been laid with perfect symmetry.

- Hannah Höch on Piet Mondrian, quoted by Edouard Roditi


Hikaru Dorodango -Christine S.-

Hey Everybody!!!! :D Here’s an awesome art project that I came across while browsing the net. It’s called Hikaru Dorodango. A traditional pastime among the children of Japan; it is made by forming a ball of mud and drawing the water out of the mud with powdery dirt. This is a moderately challenging technique, but a fun family project (plus, it’s really fun to say). The final product is a really awesome, shiny sphere that looks nothing like mud. You can find the website for making it here: .    When you’re done with your dorodango name it, talk to it, roll it in your hands, show it off, take good care of it. Shine it. Love it even if it never shines, even if it cracks. The importance lies in the fun and relaxation that you achieve when making it. :D Send in photos of your own dorodango piece to us at the art blog, or tell us about your experiences in making it.  Send your photos to

“Artifact of such utter simplicity and perfection that it seems it must be either the first object or the last.”           -William Gibson

Christine’s Art Video

I created a movie on Movie-maker the other day to show a couple different kinds of art :D I love bright art and melancholy art (Opposites attract :D ) so I included that in the movie. You can find the link for it here (There’s music) Tell me how the different paintings and drawings make you feel and why. People with video cameras, or Movie makers can make their own artistic movies too!

Deer Hunter’s Post

6th Graders recently painted some water color silhouettes. We’ll show more of them later, but this post is devoted to the deer hunters in the bunch. I know it’s not deer season, but deer hunters don’t ever really stop thinking about hunting. Their keen eyes are not only good for spotting the “Muy Grande” but they are also good for seeing the shapes and proportions needed to draw or paint a nice buck or whatever. These silhouettes are created with watercolor and black ink. Let us know what you think.

PS – We are always looking for good photos to work from. Send us your “Big Buck” photos. We might even post them on the blog – strickly for art purposes though. (Send them to and tell Mr Payne you sent them.)

Art 2 Class Creates Silver Jewelry

Art 2 Students just finished making some silver jewelry. We used PMC (Precious Metal Clay) to make them. PMC is like modeling clay but is really silver particles mixed with an organic binder. The binder burns up during the firing and the pieces are all silver when finished. Art 2 students had fun making these pendants and they looked great. They should be wearing them around school so check them out when you see them. A special thanks to Jack Davidson of Jack and Jo Creations ( for sharing his time, equipment, supplies and experience with us. We enjoyed it.

Insanity in Artists? –Shane 8th Grade Computer Art–

Why is it that some of the world’s greatest artists most always have sanity issues? Whether it be painters or poets each has a psychotic episode in which they create master pieces that are truly beautiful in a sort of creepy way. Many artists just absolutely explode your mind, their way of exiting this world falls in line with the same things their art work depicts! Take for instance, Vincent Van Gogh.

Starry night

Starry night



Vincent cut off his ear while making the most well known art in the world. His paintings are very somber, almost like his depression was shown through his art. He then attempted to kill himself but died two days after because of the bullet in his chest. And then Dezsö Czigány. 

Dezso has a haunting self portrait, uses black, and only key colors to show his features. Try painting with the saddest memory you have, but be careful as to not go insane! :]

Paint us a picture, or write us a poem, and we will try to find someway to show or read your art to the school! :]]]


The Computer Art Class will soon be taking over the Jr High Art Blog and creating their own posts for a while. They have been working on them in class and have some neat ideas for posts. They would like your comments and feedback. One of their goals is to get you to interact and be involved, so don’t be afraid to participate. Everyone is welcome.

Self Portraits

We finished these self portraits not too long ago. They are made by a couple students from Computer Art Class and Art I Classes. They tried to express something about themselves other than their physical appearance. What do you think they are expressing about themselves and how can you tell?? We’ll post more later so check back.