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Who am I? By Ananda

Hey guys its Ananda!

On October 27, 2009 my class and I went on a field trip to the Kimbell Art Museum. There were a lot of pretty paintings there! :)) I saw one (on the bottom) and it was my favorite! It’s cool because when you’re far away you can tell it’s a Weeping Willow, but when you’re up close it just looks like a bunch of paint splattered everywhere (which is also a characteristic of many Impressionist paintings.) This painting was made in 1918-1919. The person that made it was from France and lived from 1840-1926.

Do you know who that person is? Well we’re going to have a game to see who can post first on this blog. The question is who is the person that created this painting? Whoever posts first will win a prize! But you’re not going to know what the prize is until you win!!



Hope to see lots of people posting!!!!!  :]]





                                                      -Ananda :))

Teacher’s Faces Mixed With 7th Grade Students – Now That’s Scary!!

   It doesn’t get any spookier than this - students morphing their photos with teacher’s photos. Could this be what the students will look like in 20 years or what the teachers looked like 20 years ago??. Either way it’s pretty scary. Let us know which one you think is the scariest and/or the funniest. (Make sure to critque the art and not the person.)

AHHHH- Haunted Halloween Faces From 6th Graders!!!!

 These 6th graders distorted their own faces (and a few others)  with tools in Paint Shop Pro to create some pretty scary portraits. They had fun doing it and actually became more aware of facial features while doing it. Post some comments and tell us what you think.

Computer Art – Half Face Paintings in Paint Shop Pro

Here are a couple Half Face paintings that were created by Computer Art Students last week. It was all created in Paint Shop Pro and one half of the face was painted freehand (no copy and paste). Do you think this would be easier with the computer or harder???


Cheerleading – Is it a form of art???

There are five 7th grade cheerleaders in 2nd period Art Class. Yes, it can get loud at times. They sometimes end the class with a quick cheer. This got some of us thinking ” Is cheerleading a form of art???” We know that Dance, Music, Drama and Visual Art are all part of the “Fine Arts”. Is cheerleading anything like those?? Is it another form of artistic expression? Think about it and post your comments about why you think it is or isn’t so we can hear your opinion.

TEXTURE – See Textures Around You and Show Them In Your Art – 6th Grade

6th Grade Art Students recently finished their Textured Hand project. Look at some of the wild textures some created on their fingers. Which one is the wildest to you??

Photography – Art 2 – 8th Grade

8th Grade Art Students have been working with photography for the past week or two. You may have seen them walking around the campus with their camera. These students put some thought into “how they captured the image”, rather than just “what they captured. ” Let us know which photos are your favorites. We are now finishing up some enhanced photos and also a photomontage project. We’ll post them later.

Designer Rocks, Abstract Designs and Landscape Paintings – 6th Grade

The 6th Grade Art Students just finished several projects dealing with design. They created Abstract Designs and then worked with clay to continue learning about design in 3/D mediums. The Designer Rocks are always fun. We learned several principles that we can use to make our art more pleasing. Rewards will be given to the first students to post on this blog what those principles are.

We also went to the computer lab and created some landscape paintings with Paint Shop Pro. That was fun. We are going next week to create some Halloween Portraits by distorting our own photo. That will be scary. Here are a few shots of some of the students and their work. Click on the photo to leave a comment.

Half Face Drawing Extravaganza – 7th Grade

Finaly a Ked-z Writen blog!!! SIx weeks are UP, YAY!!! And with it up we have NEW pics from our seventh graders! The’re HALF FACES!!!!! ( Our art teacher says the project, although a very old project, is good for teaching kids to see and produce more values and shades in their work. This year’s bunch did pretty good with the Half Face project.) Let us know what you think. Who’s drawing is most accurate and who captured the values or shades best??