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6th Grade Museum Visit – Amon Carter Art Museum and Fuddruckers

Below are some pictures that we took on our recent museum visit. Many of them are student photos since Mr Payne forgot his camera. Cool that we are able to go to the museum and also bring back photos. Leave us a comment  about why you chose that painting to photograph. We’d love to hear what you think.

Students, leave at least 2 comments about the works of art you saw that you enjoyed the most. Name the artists and the titles of the art, and also explain several things you learned about them from your docent. You may also tell us what you saw in the art. Make each comment detailed and at least a paragragh long.  Below is a link to the Amon Carter Art Museum if you need a refresher.




Wheel Thrown Pottery and Handbuilding

While we are making pottery with handbuilding methods ( pinch, coil, Tupperware bowl method and slab.). Some are also learning to throw on the wheel!!  It’s pretty messy but lots of fun. Below are a couple of demo videos and we’ll also get some of the students and their first attempts. Keep checking back and we’ll post more videos and some of the finished art.

Throwing a Pot on the Wheel - How to start a pot and center it on the wheel.

Wheel Thrown Pottery – Part 2 – How to open the clay up and flatten the bottom.

Wheel Thrown Pottery – Part 3- How to pull the walls of the pot up.

Brendon Throws – Brendon has a unique style for centering the clay.

Taylor throws – Taylor throws a pot on the wheel.


Plastering Sisters – with Plaster Gauze

Carly Plasters Grace - See how to plaster a face with plaster gauze.

Perfect Form - The finished product ( before painting and decoration)



2nd Period Art Class Visits The Modern Art Museum

Art 1 students from 2nd period enjoyed a visit to The Modern Art Museum in Ft Worth. They enjoyed seeing and learning about various kinds of Modern Art. We were able to see a good bit of the permanent collection and also some of the KAWS exhibit, a focus exhibit at The Modern. We also made a quick run through the permanent collection at the Kimbell Art Museum while we were in Ft Worth.

Each student will leave at least two comments that explains two pieces of art that they found especially interesting and why. Comments should include the name of the art, the artist’s name, as well as what your impressions were or what you learned about it. ( copy and paste the link below into another tab if you need to refresh your memory) - You will need to click on Collection or Exhibitions to see the art.

Vortex Vibes by 2nd Period – Click hear to hear the Vortex Vibes by 2nd period.

We are lucky to live close to great museums and fortunate to be in a district that allows us to visit them.


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Duct Tape Art!!!

The Sculpture Class will soon be making some art with duct tape. Below are some photos that show how to make flowers from colored duct tape. We thought they looked pretty good! Send us your duct tape creations or info about making art with duct tape.

Here is how you make the flowers -

Cut and fold duct tape to form flower petals. ( leave about 1/4 of the sticky side showing)

Form the petals around the end of a Bic pen or stick.

Continue layering petals to desired form.

Cover with green tape to create a stem or leaves.