2nd Period: Current Event

Post your summaries about your current event.  Be sure to include the implications and your opinions of the subject.

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  • Recently, a study on the psycology of humans and dogs proved that dogs understand peoples feelings almost as well as humans themselves. Dogs understand the way we feel and our emotions better than our closest relative the chimp. This could prove to create a greater scientific study in the bond between humans and dogs and could help with things such as insomnia and depression.

  • A new product has been invented and it is called NeverWet. This spay-on subsance is a superhydrophobic coating that can be placed on just about anything to make water run right off the suface. This can be put on clothes to pervent any stain to get on them. This product can also pervent metals from rusting because it doesn’t let the moistur from getting to the metals like in most cases.

  • There is this medicine called bexarotene that cancer patients take to help get rid of cancer. They have found that the medicine can also help get rid of alzheimer’s disease. They have tested it on mice and the studies have shown that the mice have taken the medicine have gotten smarter over time. One of the test that the scientist did was they put tissue paper in the mice cage and the mice without the medicine just left the tissue there, and the mice with the medicine mad themself a bed with the tissue.

  • Radio Active Green tea in Japan

    Okay, so you remember that earthquake last year that crippled many of Japan’s major nuclear plants? Well, the crisis is far from over. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant has been leaking radiation into the surrounding areas. This radiation has then been seeping into the soil, and plants. It became a major problem for the local green tea farmers in Shizuoka when their tea plants tested to contain between 581 to 654 becquerels of cesium per kilogram, over the safe 500 becquerels per kilogram limit.
    The farmers argued that this testing was unfair, as tea is often steeped before consumption, making cesium consentration much lower. Japan’s health ministry claims that they will be reviewing the standards this summer, but the farmers seem to think that the damage is already done. They dread that concern of contamination will prevent people from purchasing their product. Their fears are being realized as consumers begin to be more, and more reluctant to buy tea without knowing where it was grown, and the conditions which it was exposed to.
    “It’s the worst crisis in the country’s centuries-long tea farming history”

  • The human brain has myelin cells. Myelin are cells that form a protective, insulating cape around nerve cells so that they can send signals quickly and efficiently. These cells can become damaged from fighting diseases. Researchers from the California Institute of Technology now believe they have found a way to help the brain replace damaged myelin cells.

  • This is very educational. Thank you for enlightening us.

  • 4 JS

    On feb. 6, 2012 chemical giant Solvay put into service the lagest fuel cell of its type in the world. Its a supper-battery that can make enough energy to power 1400 homes. It has already generated over 500 MWh in about 800 hours of operation.

  • Matalyn that is really cool! It will be interesting to see all of the new uses they find for medication in the future!

  • For many years human augmentation was just science fiction, but as technology contenues to progress it may be very real very soon. The first steps toward advancing ourselves with technology are already underway, such as retinal chip implants to restore vision to the blind and the artificial heart pump implant. As the potential of technology increases, and as the rate of demand inreases we we will see an explosion of artificial implants not uncommon from the evolution of the cell phone or computer.
    The future holds many promises, and I for one am looking forward to them.

  • Kelper mission is NASA’s new project that is searching for alien planets that could hold life. If that planet is habital would we one day be liveing on many diffrent planets and become the next pioneers of space living on these planets?

  • Children exposed to two or more anesthetics before age 3 had more than double the incidence of ADHD than children who had no exposure. The percent of ADHD in chidren that have only been exposed once to anesthesia and surgery barely changed but when a child was exposed more than two times, the percentage jumped over ten percent! Although, the results of the study do not definitively mean that anesthesia causes ADHD.

  • Victoria Moore

    Hance, that is very interesting! I did not know that.

  • Victoria Moore

    @Blake, Ya, you were showing us that video on that in algebra. That stuff is soooooo cool, they definetly need to make it more available to the public.

  • A team of University of California researchers has bulit the smallest room temperature nano laser to date as well as an even more epic device- a “threshholdless” laser that funnels its protons into lasing with virtually no waste. This allows the laser to function with very little power and thus development for an even smaller and more efficient microchip. Our world would become even faster and more efficient if the two technoloies could be combined and developed into devices.

  • Victoria, I hope the farmers in Japan can find a way to show the public that the tea is safe, and their business will start to prosper!

  • Matalyn Hazel

    Jaimie: I hope when I have kids that they don’t have to have surgery! ADHD would be hard to deal with!

  • My current technology is the LUCAS Chest Compression System. It’s a machine that does chest compressions for CPR. This machine has a back board that slides under the patient then the machine is snapped on to the board right above the patient. The machine does thirty compressions then gives a three second break for the EMT to give breaths. I think its a good idea especially for transporting patients or if the medics are lacking help, but I think the EMS has to watch the heart rhythm closely to make sure the heart isn’t beating on its own again to prevent severe damage to the heart.

  • Horseflies give nasty bites, carry disease and distract animals from feeding.Research show that zebras evolved their strips to avoid the attaching of these unpleasent insects..

  • Jaimie Capps

    Chris: That is really cool! A legit Planet 51!

  • Thomas Beauregard

    Clint- That is insane, I wonder if there will be a day that we won’t age? You’re gonna have to clean the ceiling because my mind is blown.

  • Samantha Montoya

    I think it would be aweosme if one day we found life on another planet. I would definitely take a trip.

  • Blake Eschbach

    Hances post is something that is very important to the treatment to theses illnesses that these people have and more study into this subject can prove to be very helpful.

  • Victoria Moore

    @ Chris, “Space the last fronteer…” ;)

  • Blake, that product looks very cool and would be extremely useful for waterproofing electronics to work under water

  • Denver M Hufstedler

    By February 10, 2010, the National Weather Service reported that three storms spanning from December to February in the winter of 2009-2010 had dropped over four and a half feet of snow on the Baltimore-Washington area. This snowfall broke a seasonal record set in 1899. Scientist have now discovered the cause for this “snowmaggedon” so that they may predict when the next one might occur. The research done by Siegfried Schubert and fellow scientists shows that a negative North American Oscillation and El Niño conditions created the conditions for these storms to form, but a new finding has revealed that sea surface tempurature had a major role in the storm. Schubert and his team will continue to research the relationship between the northeastern winters, a negative North American Oscillation, El Niño conditions, and sea surface tempuratures so that another “snowmaggedon” may be better prepared for.

  • Jaimie Capps

    Cindy: We should all wear stripes!

  • Jena, that looks very scary but it could save lives so I approve haha

  • go to this and watch it =)

  • Denver M Hufstedler

    Jena: That seems dangerous, but a good idea.

    Cindy: That’s a neat finding.

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